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Forward-thinking Human Resources Executive with extensive experience leading and supporting HR strategic planning initiatives, operations, and process improvements for large public health care organizations – generating significant bottom line growth. Successful planning and execution of HR programs to strategically transform and manage change. Outstanding people, problem solving, and budget management skills.

Personnel Strategist

Strategic and tactical Operations Leader with in-depth understanding of effect HR policies and operations have on business. Offer options or strategies that provide solutions to business issues.

Employee and Labor Relations

Demonstrated successes in employee and labor relations in union environments. Management representative at all levels of grievance and arbitrations processes maintaining credibility.

Teambuilding / Coaching

Skilled and motivated leader with strong aptitude for identifying key resources, developing teams with core competencies/skill sets necessary to achieve department or agency objectives, and empowering staff to make independent decisions.

Business Process Improvement

Strong track record of successes in business process improvement/streamlining and reengineering resulting in cost savings or reductions in turnaround time.

Internal Consultant

Demonstrated ability to view and understand all sides of an issue as well as broker dialog and identify resources to effect a resolution.

Program Management

Highly successful in employee relations and performance management program development. Effectively train multi-disciplined teams in implementation aspects, resulting in significant increases in staff morale and performance.


Investor Return


$3 Million in Sales
5% Investor Revenue


$6 Million in Sales
12% Investor Revenue


$7 Million in Sales
15% Investor Revenue

Technical HR Competencies

  • Resolved inconsistencies in disciplinary actions across the board and laid groundwork for effective terminations. Read Full Story
  • Created progressive disciplinary action program where none existed, so problem employees typically repositioned or “worked around” causing discontent among staff were eventually terminated.
  • Mitigated $750,000 potential liability by objectively assessing multiple employee discrimination claim, ensuring all documentation and subsequent actions were indisputable and in compliance with HR policies and procedures.
  • Achieved 92% compliance for on-time performance evaluation submissions.
  • Introduced performance management and progressive discipline programs with training components, resulting in management staff able to constructively confront employees with performance and/or behavioral issues.

Business Process Reengineering

  • Reduced pre-boarding processing by 12 days and exceeded monthly interview appointments through launch of aggressive recruitment program to appoint 180 public health professionals for 15 locations over 18-month period. Read Full Story
  • Restructured procurement process and implemented proactive acquisition model that regained inventory control and planning within four months; provided local shared storage facility and direction on budgeting issues as well as ability for divisions to work together in offering mission-critical supplies to staffs.
  • 40% reduction in recruitment events by restructuring associated programs to increase attendance/onsite job offers, providing a more streamlined, cost-effective process for quickly identifying and securing qualified candidates.

Leadership & Management

  • Achieved recruitment goals with 40% reduction in events (6 events versus 10) and reduced on-board process for new talent by 12 days through onsite weekend recruitment. Read Full Story
  • Mitigated liability claims due to exposure to pathogens by requiring staff to wear protective equipment. Based on compensation claims of other agencies’ exposed staff becoming ill after five years, this precaution resulted in saving millions of dollars in potential financial liability for agency.
  • Negotiated federally grant-funded hires through budgetary process with City Hall during hiring freeze, preventing unspent funding from being returned to federal government.

Organizational Development

  • Directed 12-on/12-off schedule, established emergency budget, moved payroll operations to ensure payment within 48 hours, expedited budgetary approval of 28 pending scientific and investigative hires, and arranged for food, sleep, and shower facilities to be provided to crew. Read Full Story
  • Reduced training costs and lowered attrition rate within one year by developing exit interview survey, resulting in mandated training to address lack of communication, poor interpersonal skills, unreasonable work expectations, and ineffective managerial style.
  • Reestablished Human Resources functions and addressed additional fiscal business requirements during emergency through organizational knowledge, technical competency, and negotiation skills.

Customer Relations

  • Halted six-week hiring delay by initiating innovative solution to staffing shortage, specifically consolidating hiring processes and coordinating recruitment event to conduct interviews and process all paperwork onsite.
  • Initiated and developed tracking database addressing ability to derive metrics regarding resumes, interviewing timelines, budgetary submissions for approval, and actual start dates; provided ability to respond to client concerns instantly vs. two or more weeks.
  • Aggressively expanded outreach and networking in public health community, meeting monthly recruitment goals within two months and increasing available applicant base 300% and candidate selection/appointment 200%.

Strategic Planning

  • Standardized administrative laboratory protocol to address different levels of laboratory breaches and provide a standardized recourse of actions if and when a laboratory or administrative procedure is not followed. Read Full Story
  • Drafted five-year hiring plan that projected staffing requirements based on planned growth in DNA samples submitted for analysis, as well as staffing modifications if projected increase in DNA analysis or expected budget did not materialize.

P&L / Budgeting

  • $520,000 recovered in reimbursable expenses by revamping personnel expense budget and submission processes – achieving accurate and timely submission of $14.4 million grant-funded budget three weeks ahead of schedule. Read Full Story
  • $1.8 million cost savings over payroll expenses by implementing cleaning contract for newly constructed Forensic Science and Medical Examiner facilities.


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Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Training: Strategic Initiatives & Planning / Facilitation & Mediation / Aligning HR With Overall Business Strategy / OSHA / Consultative Strategies for HR Generalists / Dispute Resolution / Constructive Confrontation / Managing Difficult People & Situations / Coaching Defensiveness Out Of Employees

Peoplesoft • Cognos/CHRMS • Microsoft Office • WordPerfect Office


Phoenix, AZ 85003