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Job search truisms that never fail: To report to work, you must accept an offer. In order to receive an offer online or in person, the hiring authority must feel you bring value to their company and you must interview well, essentially eliminating your competition. To get an interview , the company must read something online about you that compels them to call you. There are no exceptions to this set of rules. This is where the Career WebFolio © can help.

Your complete portfolio should consist of a professionally written resume, a well-written LinkedIn Profile, effective Social Media presence and a personal online Career WebFolio© that visually enhances all your other documents. It is your perceived value to the employer that will lead them to call you for an interview. Remember, you don’t get an interview unless the company feels you add value. Otherwise, they don’t call. Our Career WebFolio© can generate calls for you.

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Our clients rave about our online Career WebFolio© and the visual clarity it brings to the decision maker who is reading it. This personal online web profile outlines who you are in clear, comprehensive visual components. The Online Career WebFolio© enhances your resume and LinkedIn Profile because it vividly showcases each different section visually.  Your Career WebFolio© highlights your proud accomplishments and the manner in which you solve complex problems. Employers hire problem solvers. Your Career WebFolio© can demonstrate your problem-solving capacity visually, creatively and dynamically!

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A job or career transition effort must be laser-focused. To increase your opportunity for multiple interviews, showcasing your brand is the best approach to present to key decision makers. Companies continually tell us they granted interviews to our clients because of this unique modern career-packaging tool. Our clients tell us the Career WebFolio© made the difference in demonstrating their value proposition leading to offers exceeding those initially presented to them.

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With our personal career website, Career WebFolio©, you can distinctly demonstrate the value you bring to any company. The Online Career WebFolio©, lists important functional competencies, key skills, and leadership behaviors (EQ) that enhance your value as an employee. On the Achievements page of this personal career website, this client expands on her accomplishments and shows how this situation was resolved.

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If your perceived and demonstrated value exceeds the expectations of hiring managers, they will likely increase the offer during the negotiation process. Therefore, your brand must be comprehensive and address your functional, technical, creative, managerial, and behavioral (EQ) skills as well as demonstrate how you will contribute to the advancement of their company.

Companies tell us our Career WebFolio© is a key reason they select our clients for interviews from among dozens of applicants. Our clients tell us after they received an offer, their Career WebFolio© was an essential component in securing meaningful interviews promptly and helping the employer quickly visualize the candidate’s potential as a contributor to that company. Do you have a personal website? How do you expect to compete with those that do?

Your career is a lifetime investment in yourself, your goals, and your family. How you position yourself today drives future titles, increases your portfolio and the extent of your future financial packages.

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Our designers understand the importance of noticeably presenting your value visually on your personal career website, as one component of your career brand. An online personal career website, Career WebFolio©, demonstrates your value proposition and enhances your resume. You will begin the interview process at a much higher level of communication than your competition and have a powerful graphic demonstration of the value you deliver.

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An active “contact me” page is critical. Cross-marketing is important because you must be “reachable” on multiple social media platforms, including your personal career website Career WebFolio©. Make it easy for a hiring authority to find you by providing your LinkedIn Profile URL and other social media page links.

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Want to secure an interview? Then stand out from the crowd! Your goal is to compel the hiring authorities in a company to want to interview you. Demonstrate the value-added contributions you can bring to their firm! Make the best first impression! Start your Career WebFolio© today!

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